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BBA 30 Pass in +2 or equivalent examination for commerce students and non-commerce aggregate 45% marks.
B Com.
with Co-operation
30 Pass in +2 or equivalent examination for commerce students and non-commerce aggregate 45% marks.
BA English
With British History & Political Science
30 Pass in +2 or equivalent examination.

Student's Transformation System in Sanatana

SANATANA aims at transforming students to high achievers. The objective of the SANATANA is not only to produce man power with academic knowledge but grooming corporate leaders with concrete technical knowledge.

Rules for admission

   Admission to all classes is governed according to the rules laid down by the KANNUR UNIVERSITY. Admission to a particular course is completed only if fee is paid fully.

   Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form. The application form and prospectus can be had from the college office on payment of Rs.300/-in cash during working hours.

   The number of seats for each course and class is limited. Filled up application should be given before the admission for management seat.

   The students should themselves present for interview accompanied by their parents/guardians.

   Students should at all times keep up a high sense of integrity and morale.

Attendance in these examinations is compulsory. Discipline:

   Students are expected to maintain a very high order of dripline on the campus and also off the campus.

   Students should not get involved in anything harmful to the prestige of themselves or of the collage.

   Indecent behavior in the class room will not be tolerated.

   Smoking pan chewing or any such undesirable traits on the college campus is strictly prohibited.

   Any student causing damage to collage property will be liable to reimburse the coast of repairs or replacement and penalty amounting to the costs will be recovering from the students concerned immediately. If the responsibility of the damage cannot be fixed on any particular student/students, then the cost or repair replacement fine will be collected from all students of the class collectively.

   The principal’s decision is final in this matter.

   Furniture should not be dislocated. Any disfigurement or damage done to the collage buildings walls fittings and fixtures, electrical fittings fans, sanitary fitting water taps, etc. will be recovered from the students concerned.

   Students are forbidden to organize any meeting on the college campus without the prior permission of the principal

   Students should enter the classes before the bell.

   Latecomers will be allowed only after meeting the principal and paying a fine of a Rs.10/-

   Students are not allowed to come out of their classes at the end of each period. They will not be permitted to stand the varanda.

   A minimum of 70% attendance is required for writing the examination.

   Students should bring their parents whenever the principal wants to meet them, and if they fail to do so, they wont’s be permitted to attend the class. In addition to this parents are requested to meet the principal once in two months during collage hours for sharing the progress of their ward.